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Growth tops expectation

The Northampton centre exceeded all expectations by its growth since its move to 39 Gold Street in the centre of Northampton.

Dorian Smellie takes up the story, "The centre is following the incredible growth seen in Herbalife around UK and other regions around the world.  We have simply doubled the number of people through our doors over the last 5 months - and this is really exciting to see."

The growth represents more people making positive changes to their health and wellbeing.  Although the product partnerships with the likes of Lionel Messi, FC Barcelona and Reading FC are building awareness, the local growth is really testament to the dedication of a fantastic team of coaches."

Herbalife coaching attracts university leavers

The team of Herbalife Wellness Coaches continues to expand following recent recruitment fairs in Northampton.

Head coach, Dolores Sanders, says "An increasing number of university leavers are showing entrepreneurial spirit and looking for exciting opportunities to earn and secure their future while also having fun!  We're enjoying working with a new generation of go-getters"

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