Business Benefits

What are the benefits of healthy employees?


Employee Wellbeing - a valid investment with proven returns

"Research found considerable evidence that health and wellbeing programmes produced considerable economic benefits across all sectors and sizes of business: in other words that good health is good business"

- Dame Carol Black, UK Government Director for Health and Work

In order for your company to succeed in these tough economic times it’s important to have healthy reliable employees to keep your business one step ahead of your competition. As an independent Herbalife distributor we have created a special corporate package which will help you achieve this.

Achieving optimum nutrition...

Excesses and deficiencies in the modern diet

Excesses and deficiencies in the modern diet

The modern diet generally contains too many foods that are bad for us, and not enough foods that are good. Our education programme and Herbalife's core products are a great nutritional base to put you back on the path to optimum nutrition.

Research has shown that companies with health wellness plans:

  • Reduce business cost from decreased absenteeism due to ill health and stress
  • Helps build and maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints
  • Improved staff morale
  • Team building opportunities
  • Employees who are able to deal with stress more effectively
  • Increases staff motivation
  • Reduce staff turnover leading to a reduction in recruitment and training cost
  • Improves company profits


We can provide following programs:


  • Wellness seminars on nutrition advice, reducing stress, fat loss and back pain
  • Group personal training to improve wellness and fat loss
  • Articles in company newsletter on fitness and wellness
  • Team building fitness games

We have designed fat loss and wellness training programs which are GUARANTEED to get you the results you want while having fun.

On average, for every 100 employees:


  • 44 suffer from stress
  • 38 are overweight
  • 31 use alcohol excessively
  • 30 have high cholesterol
  • 26 have high blood pressure
  • 25 have cardiovascular disease
  • 24 don’t exercise
  • 21 smoke
  • 20 don’t wear seatbelts
  • 12 have asthma
  • 6 are diabetic

Source: Department of Health and Human Services, 

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