What is the Weight Loss Challenge


Weight Loss Challenges are short nutrition courses hosted all around Northampton designed to give anyone the knowledge and support they need to Weight Loss Challangeachieve safe, long term weight loss.

The course is run as a competition, with all participants paying into a prize fund. At the end of the challenge, the three participants who have lost the most weight and/or body fat win cash prizes.

Even though each challenge is packed full of information, we keep them fun with weekly quizzes and mini-challenges.


Herbalife is the world's largest weight loss company. Our global network of over 2.5 million distributors and industry leading products have helped over 45 million people lose weight.

Before 2009, only customers on Herbalife programmes could receive our distributors' outstanding help and support. Now, with Weight Loss Challenge, that knowledge is available to anyone who wants to lose weight.


After looking at the marketplace we realised that there was a big gap: something that offered support and coaching but was nutrition and education based.

Weight Loss Challenges employ a back-to-basics understanding of food, exercise and lifestyle, and how this affects a person's weight, health and energy.


We want to help everyone reach their ideal weight, to stay that way for the rest of their lives, and to have fun doing it!

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Areas include : Northampton town centre, Kingsthorpe, Sixfields, Moulton, Wootton, Hardingstone, Abington, Delepre, Lumbertubs, Little Billing. 

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